Our New Eyestar Machine

12 September 2023

Our Eyestar is the most cutting-edge piece of equipment we have. It’s used to give patients considering cataract surgery the perfect replacement lens, read more about it below!

The Eyestar’s swept-source OCT technology provides precise measurements and imaging data of the entire eye, from cornea to retina. This provides the basis for reliable diagnosis, and accurate surgical planning.

The Eyestar is based on future-proof technology: swept-source OCT. It provides the user with precise measurements, comprehensive topography and pachymetry maps, complete cornea-to-retina biometry, keratometry and high quality, detailed cross-sectional eye images.

The Eyestar features excellent cataract penetration. It boasts well-established dual zone reflective keratometry, axial measurements of all eye compartments, corneal front and back topography as well as B-scan imaging of the anterior chamber including the lens and assessment of lens tilt and decentration. This information enables users to improve their surgical plan and review patients’ suitability for specific interventions, such as toric and multifocal IOLs.