The Face of EyeHub

Meet EyeHub’s Lead Ophthalmologist, Dr Sonia Moorthy

Dr. Sonia Moorthy


Dr Sonia Moorthy is an accomplished ophthalmologist, providing specialist eye care for both adult and paediatric patients. She has expertise in a range of conditions affecting the eye, including cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma and macular disorders. Dr Moorthy also has significant experience in managing strabismus, both in children and adults. 

In addition to her clinical skills, she also has a strong interest in research, with a number of publications to her credit. Dr Moorthy provides a warm and caring approach to patients care, ensuring that each individual receives the best quality care, delivering positive outcomes for her patients. 

Experienced Eye Doctor & Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dr. Moorthy is a firm believer in using leading technology to provide the best possible ophthalmic care. She also recognises the importance of training new ophthalmologists so they can provide the same level of care. 

As a result, she sits on the RANZCO Ophthalmic Sciences Board of Examiners, RANCO selection committee as well as the Women in Ophthalmology committee group. In these roles, she helps ensure that new ophthalmologists are properly trained & assessed and that they understand the importance of providing personalised care based on evidence. 

For more information about many of the eye conditions treated by Dr Moorthy and her specialist team, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular disease please see our areas of expertise.

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