EyeHub Referrers

For the use of referring doctors and optometrists.

We are all about keeping it simple and efficient.

Referrals to Dr Sonia Moorthy can be made via referral portals (Medical Objects, Oculo), fax or email. You can also fill out the online referral form below for either adult or paediatric patients.                                               

At EyeHub, we believe in providing a truly unique experience for our patients. A dedicated Patient Concierge Service has been thoughtfully set up to support patients throughout their journey with us at EyeHub.

To refer a patient onto us fill out one of the below referral forms:

Why Refer to Us?

Comprehensive Assesments:

Dr Moorthy’s commitment to spending quality time with patients allows her to conduct thorough evaluations. Combined with the latest diagnostic equipment, this results in accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans. By referring your patients to Dr Moorthy, you’re ensuring that they receive meticulous care that leaves no stone unturned in understanding & treating their eye condition.

Patient-Centric Focus:

I believe in putting patients at the centre of their own healthcare journey. When you refer patients to me, they can expect an environment where their concerns are genuinely heard and understood. I dedicate the necessary time to engage with them, ensuring that their questions are addressed, and their symptoms thoroughly evaluated.

Empowerment through Information:

In my practice, patients aren’t just passive recipients of care; they are active partners in decision-making. I take the time to educate patients about their condition and treatment options, empowering them to make informed choices. By referring patients to me, you’re giving them the opportunity to actively engage in their own health management.

Collaborative Approach:

I value the relationship between referring physicians and specialists. When you refer a patient to me, you’re initiating a collaboration aimed at delivering the best possible care. I keep you informed about your patient’s progress and involve you in the decision-making process, ensuring that our care strategies are aligned.

Tailored Care Plans:

Every patient is unique, and I create personalized care plans that resonate with each individual’s circumstances. By referring patients to me, you’re giving them access to a tailored approach that takes into account their medical history, preferences, and lifestyle, fostering better patient outcomes.

Proven Results:

The patient stories in my practice reflect the effectiveness of our patient-centric approach. By referring your patients to me, you’re providing them with the opportunity to experience firsthand the positive impact of comprehensive eye care that goes beyond medical treatment to encompass emotional support and understanding.

In essence, by referring your patients to me, you’re ensuring they receive care that embodies respect, understanding, and excellence. Together, we can make a significant difference in your patients’ eye health and overall well-being. Your trust in my patient-centered philosophy is an investment in a healthcare partnership that delivers both medical expertise, Technical Innovation and compassionate care.