Our Tearstim IRPL

The latest technology and innovation in Dry Eye Disease treatment

Our Tearstim IRPL

How Tearstim IRPL Works

The patented IRPL technology of the TearStim generates sequenced light pulses that target the nerves connected to the meibomian glands of the eye to restore function and have them flowing again. Through this stimulating of the meibomian glands, your eyes will feel significant relief from the symptoms of dry eye disease.

How Teatment Goes:

The eye service with TearStim® only takes a few minutes, sitting in a comfortable chair. Your eyes are then covered by protective eyecups. Hydrogel is applied to the lower eyelid. A series of light pulses are performed around the lower eye, gentle and non-invasive.

The series is repeated in the same way for both eyes. The application restores the normal activity of the Meibomian gland, with, on occasion,  noticeable improvements for the client within hours of the application. The effect of first 2 applications lasts a few days up to 2 to 3 weeks. The long-lasting effect is expected for minimum 6 to 8 months. The eye service comprises three to four sessions. It is recommended to repeat one application once a year to re-fresh the effect.

More About The TearStim

Next Generation Treatment:

TearStim IRPL is a next-generational form of traditional IPL laser, with faster, more effcient and effective results when both treatment modalaties are comparerd. See how this new form of technology is helping patients with Dry Eyes in this clip from 7 News!

Backed by Research:

Since 2013, more than 16 clinical studies related to TearStim have been
conducted on over 550 patients in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

These studies have shown:

  • A considerable improvement in the symptoms perceived by patients with a 90% satisfaction rate after the first 2 treatments.
  • This improvement may be clearly felt from the initial session for the first couple of days and increases with time after the following treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does it Work?

The patented technology of TearStim IRPL generates sequenced light pulses that target the nerves connected to the Meibomian Glands to restore function that then aids Meibomian Gland expression. The overall effect is a major improvement in the symptoms of Dry Eyes. 

How Long Does it Take?

Please allow 30 minutes per session with 10 minutes of treatment, 20 minutes of relaxation in our EyeLounge!
The treatment concludes with a glass of bubbly!
Treatment cycles over 12 weeks: Treatment on day 1, 15, 45 and 75.

When Will I See a Difference?

Most patients will see an improvement after the second treatment, but this is different for everyone, a minimum of 4 treatments are required for sustained benefit from the symptoms of Dry Eyes.  The length of the effect of treatment varies, ranging from 6-12 months that’s why we recommend a yearly up-keep treatment. This is to ensure you stay symptom-free indefinitely! 

What Does it Cost?

Our Tearstim Package consists of 4 consecutive treatments, including an initial &  follow up consult
for an All-inclusive cost of $990, payable prior to commencing treatment. with an Afterpay option available soon.

Further, an annual maintenance treatment is recommended for $250.00

What Can I Expect on the Day?

On the days of your treatment you may drive yourself to and from the appointment. 


  • Ensure you do not apply makeup, sunscreen or moisturiser around the eye area on the day of treatment. 
  • During the treatment, your eyes will be covered with protective goggles
  • Then a hydrogel is applied to your eye area
  • Following this, a total of 10 IRPL pulses are applied around both eyes. 
  • Once complete, you are then encouraged to relax in our spa area, where we can serve you with a drink.
  • Your appointment is then complete.