Laser Capsulotomy

What exactly is this?

This artificial lens implanted within the support structure of the eye, the capsule, at the time of cataract surgery can undergo fine scarring. This condition, known as posterior capsule opacification or PCO, is relatively common and affects up to 1 in 5 patients post cataract surgery. You will mostly be aware of gradual visual blurring.

PCO is treated with an in-office laser procedure, known as laser capsulotomy. It only takes a few minutes and is entirely painless. Dilation drops will be instilled to enlarge the pupil. The laser then removes the hazy capsule behind the artificial lens, restoring visual clarity. 

What should I expect afterwards?

You may notice some floaters and transient blurry vision post procedure but these tend to settle.

Complications are uncommon, as follows:

  • Pitting of the IOL
  • Elevated eye pressure
  • Remote risk of a retinal break, symptoms include flashing lights

Should I do something about this?

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