What about my lids?

Ever bothered by that heavy feeling over your lids (dermatochalasis) or an unsightly outward turning of the lower lid (ectropion) that you have been longing to get rid of. While age has a part to play, an ectropion can also develop in response to scarring and sun damage. I don’t need to tell you that may be a bit of an issue here in the Sunshine State!

The other issue with sun and our skin is the development of skin cancers. Yes this can grow on eye lids as well! The commonest variants are basal cell carcinoma (BCC) or squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

More surgery then doc??

If you are concerned about a suspicious eyelid lesion, a lid biopsy is advised in the first instance. We can accommodate that here at EyeHub in our customised procedure suite.

As for the rest, only if it is bothering you. A blepharoplasty will fix up the loose overhanging skin on your top lids and a lateral tarsal strip is the procedure of choice for an ectropion.

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