Our New Eyestar Machine

Our Eyestar is the most cutting-edge piece of equipment we have. It’s used to give patients considering cataract surgery the perfect replacement lens, read more about it below!

The Eyestar’s swept-source OCT technology provides precise measurements and imaging data of the entire eye, from cornea to retina. This provides the basis for reliable diagnosis, and accurate surgical planning.

The Eyestar is based on future-proof technology: swept-source OCT. It provides the user with precise measurements, comprehensive topography and pachymetry maps, complete cornea-to-retina biometry, keratometry and high quality, detailed cross-sectional eye images.

The Eyestar features excellent cataract penetration. It boasts well-established dual zone reflective keratometry, axial measurements of all eye compartments, corneal front and back topography as well as B-scan imaging of the anterior chamber including the lens and assessment of lens tilt and decentration. This information enables users to improve their surgical plan and review patients’ suitability for specific interventions, such as toric and multifocal IOLs.

Our new Itrace Imager

The newest piece of technology in our practice,

The iTrace is a single piece of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment that performs both wavefront aberrometry and corneal topography with a simple, quick set of scans. After capturing these two distinct measurements with ray tracing and Placido disk technology, the iTrace performs a complete analysis and generates a literal picture of a patient’s visual function in milliseconds.

The iTrace is the only device that uses ray tracing for wavefront analysis. It sequentially projects 256 parallel light rays through the entrance of the pupil and detects where each beam of light lands on the retina and how much light energy is transferred. Reviewing this retinal spot pattern point-by-point provides insight into a patient’s overall visual function.

Other devices that rely on a Hartmann-Shack sensor or dynamic skiascopy for wavefront imaging, analyze light as it is reflected back from the retina. Although this works for simple optical systems, these devices are prone to data confusion when measuring highly aberrated eyes, pseudophakia, with cataracts, through contact lenses, or over spectacles.

The iTrace and its proprietary ray tracing technology, however, can directly replicate a patient’s vision under any circumstance.

The iTrace is a key piece of equipment we use to help get the correct lens choice for a patient going into cataract surgery.


Gap Provider

We are glad to announce we are now Known-Gap providers for a range of major health funds, these include:

  • Bupa
  • HCF
  • Medibank
  • NIB
  • AHSA
  • RT Health

Before you come in for an appointment ensure you check with your health fund provider what item numbers and or procedures you are covered for.

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